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Everything went white at that moment as Dib squeezed his eyes shut while Zim ran those slender fingers over his nipples, biting down on his bottom lip as his thoughts faded into a blissful state of want. Never in his life had he wanted something so bad, something he thought in the void of his mind that was wrong, but by the gods nothing had ever felt this damn good.

His hands uselessly gripped at the alien’s wrists, not forcing them away, but curling those fingers until talons met flesh- his name slipping past pale lips as his hips once again rolled up into the body above him. “Zim…” Breathlessly panting, Dib’s eyes fluttered open to meet those intense fuchsia gems that glittered back down at him. There was something there… Behind that wonderfully dangerous stare. What it was, the human couldn’t figure out but he didn’t care… He wanted whatever this was, he wanted-


Zim ran his fingers over the other’s nubs once again, mouth parted ever so slightly at the reaction from the teen beneath him. His eyes flickered up to meet the other’s heated gaze as he grabbed his wrist, about to yank them away and demand why until he felt pressure forcing those lithe fingers to curl, forcing his talons to rake across pale flesh until there was a pleasant, ruby trail in their wake. Leathery stalks quivered once his name slipped past Dib’s lips.

That was it.

The uttering of his name was enough to drive him to the brink of which neither one of them could return.  The Irken slowly ghosted his fingers down his chest and abdomen, pausing at the hem of Dib’s pants. Without a thought, he slowly flicked the button open and sliding the zipper down, rubbing his index finger over the obvious bulge beneath his underwear. Pleased by the reactions the other gave, Zim slowly ran his fingers over Dib’s member.

He was unsure what to do next. Noting that the teen’s needy moans and whimpers as a sign he was doing something right, Zim leaned back to hastily remove his tunic. The cool air of the room combined with the heat surrounding their bodies caused his vision to blur for a brief moment before his gaze once again found it’s way back to the human, silently waiting for... something

Dib’s eyes fluttered shut, holding his breath as Zim’s hands slowly- so painfully slow- moved down his chest, hips wriggling as if to push them down further. He exhaled softly once Zim somewhat exposed himself to the cool air of the room.

Moaning as the Irken slid his fingers over the ever growing bulge beneath the damned confines that separated flesh from flesh, his face flushed a brilliant shade of scarlet. “Z-Zim…” He meant for the name to come out in an almost demanding tone, but as jade appendages rubbed against him for a second time his voice cracked.

Dib slowly forced his eyes to once again open when he felt the other move back and watched with a lust filled gaze as Zim removed his shirt. He carefully sat up and the Irken once again straddled him, unaware of his own hands trembling as he ran them up chartreuse flesh. Dib let out a shaky breath, slowly letting his hands wander over Zim’s chest. “It’s… like silk…” He muttered, brushing his lips on the Irken’s collar bone. Placing gentle nips along the ridges, he slowly traced his tongue over barely visible scars that spread across his torso. “These… aren’t all from… The Arena… Are they…?” Dib quietly asked, not really expecting a response from the alien, he just needed some sort of sound… Something to remind him this was real.

Zim watched with an intense gaze while Dib’s hands began to wander lower. He grunted in response to human’s question- his thinking process had stopped some time ago. He shifted in the other’s lap, shuddering from the sinfully wonderful friction it created. The Irken slowly closed his eyes, allowing Dib to continue roaming his hands and those almost gentle nips and suckles across his chest and up his neck.

Gasping as the human’s teeth grazed across his jugular, he arched his neck to the side allowing Dib better access to the sensitive area. He gripped the other’s shoulders tightly, squirming in his lap while Dib nipped harder at the spot. “Mmm… D-Dib…”

Dib couldn't get enough. The sounds, the taste, the scent that was emitting from the Irken that clinged to him was intoxicating. He let go of Zim’s neck with a  pop, admiring the discoloration of the blemish he’d left. Having his fill of the Irken’s torso, he tightly gripped the hem of his pants and yanked down those tight, tight leggings enough to expose his anatomy. Hastily he managed to wriggle himself out of the remainder of his clothes, flopping onto his back as he gripped Zim’s hips tightly, thrusting up to gain more of that wonderful feeling.

Zim planted his palms firmly down on the teen’s chest, biting his bottom lip with a low moan as Dib began thrusting his member up against his own. Subconsciously his hips slowly began to gyrate in time with the human’s- each thrust bringing out some kind of instinctual primal need within them both. The Irken hissed Dib’s name once more, leaning down and biting his shoulder with an almost animalistic growl. “Not enough…”

He quickly pulled his leggings all the way off, tossing them onto the floor before spreading Dib’s legs apart. His serpentine tongue flickered over the evident mark upon his shoulder, quickly shoving himself to the hilt within the other.

Eyes squeezing shut Dib let out a strangled cry, a rippling wave of pain shooting throughout his spine. “H-hurts…! It hurts!” Immediately his once foggy mind was now fully aware of everything that was happening and without realizing he’d thrown his arms around the Irken’s neck, he trembled. Slowly, as if to distract his mind from the discomfort, Dib once again felt that lithe tongue trail across his shoulder and up the crook of his neck. With a shaky breath, Dib slowly relaxed knowing that there was no way he was going to stop this.

Zim grunted as he felt the teen clench tightly around him, almost wincing at the throbbing walls tightening around his need- forcing him to cease all movements. Feeling Dib’s arms around his neck, he swiped his tongue over whatever it would reach, ghosting his fingers along the other’s thighs. Making his way up to Dib’s neck, he tried to mimic what the human had done to him- anything to release himself from the almost suffocating hold the other had on him.

Suckling and nipping at a random patch of skin the Irken hummed at the taste. Salty. Feeling the body beneath him relax, he slowly began to move. He watched in satisfaction as Dib’s face quickly flushed as the pain slowly began to ebb away with each thrust; His moans were an obvious sign Zim was doing something right.

Dib released his hold on the ex-Elite’s neck and instead gripped uselessly at the sheets beneath them. Gods, why did this feel so good? His thoughts once again faded to black as he focused on the unfamiliar feeling in his gut. He felt Zim spreading his legs further and cracked an eye open to about to question him but quickly squeezed shut once again as the Irken began to move faster. Zim’s name once again left his lips, that feeling once again returning in the pit of his stomach.

As he began to pick up the pace, his squeedily spooch felt as if it were on fire. Pulling himself all the way out, he wasted no time shoving himself right back in, desperate to rid himself of the feeling of… Well he didn’t know what it was but he begged for release. Repeating the previous movement, his eyes widened as Dib gripped his arms tightly and cried out his name.

Licking his lips, Zim positioned himself to hit whatever made the other scream in such a way that made his blood boil. Each thrust became more and more difficult as he felt himself coming closer and closer to the brink. He hissed the human’s name, slamming their lips together in a heated kiss before giving one final thrust, the grip he had on Dib’s hips tightening as he climaxed. Dib’s slender frame trembled in ecstasy as the other filled him, moaning incoherent words, insides convulsing as he came.

Panting heavily, the Irken slowly pulled out before collapsing next to him. He closed his eyes as he quickly came down from his high and realizing what had just happened. His body tensed as he felt Dib shift and arms wrapping around his neck once more; and just like that he was out.

Zim lay there in silence.

What had they done…?
Bloodstream ~ Chapter 7 Part 2
Ahhh.... short and sweet and to the point lol... I'm sorry this is such a short chapter and it's been so long with these updates... Anywhoo... Please enjoy!

I found God
I found him in a lover
When his hair falls in his face
And his hands so cold they shake

I found the Devil
I found him in a lover
And his lips like tangerines
And his color coded speak

Now we're lost somewhere in outer space
In a hotel room where demons play
They run around beneath our feet
We roll around beneath these sheets
Halsey - coming down

Chapter 7 Part One -  Bloodstream ~ Chapter 7 - Part 1In a blink of an eye, four years passed for the two like that. Although they both regularly entered into the Battle Arena Zim never had his student take part in the more advanced battles. Much to Dib’s protest, the Irken’s mind was set in stone. “You’re too flabby. Once you take your training seriously, maybe Zim will be inclined to allow you to progress from smeet to a somewhat decent opponent.”
As the months dragged on from year to year, the ex-Elite’s attitude fueled something deep inside the human- rivalry. The more Zim shot him down, the more Dib trained in order to please him. It didn’t take long however, for the human to realize how incredibly difficult that would be, however- seeing as Zim was rarely pleased with anything that didn’t directly involve his own amazingness, and almost never gave complements for the human’s drastic improvements.
Then there was Dwicky… The human longed to have a one on

Chapter 7 Part Two - You're here!

Chapter 8 - WIP
Dear lord it;s been forever since I've been on this site... I feel bad for not updating ANYTHING! But... Hopefully I wont break this promise when I say new chapters ARE coming... Again... I'm sorry...
Dear lord it;s been forever since I've been on this site... I feel bad for not updating ANYTHING! But... Hopefully I wont break this promise when I say new chapters ARE coming... Again... I'm sorry...

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