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Okay, so the first half of this chapter is gonna be trough Dib's P.O.V. because it's sooo much easier to explain things through his eyes.

Sixteen years ago was the beginning of my end. On the day of my birth I was taken away from a human nursery on the planet Earth and was raised by an Irken service drone in order to serve my one and only master. The drone told me that Master had bought me legally and therefore I was his forever, but I know I was stolen. Human slaves are illegal in every galaxy, and on every planet. Well, besides Earth, but I never have, and never will admit I know that. I don't need another reason for Master to 'correct' me...

On the day of my second year my master, Blin, assigned me as his personal slave. He told me if I was questioned, I was to 'refer myself as his adopted son.', whatever that was... Master Blin uses many terms that I do not understand, but I've learned to never question him, or it'll lead to more 'correcting'.

For the next five years, there was nothing but merciless beatings and solitary confinement as Master Blin 'corrected' my human flaws, such as asking questions, hesitating when given orders, displaying inappropriate emotions at inappropriate times. He especially gets angry when I read, something I had practiced whenever he locked me away in my sleeping quarters.

Long ago I had asked one of his messengers how to sound out and read the Irken alphabet, and much to my surprise, he showed me. It took some time, seeing as I only got to see him when Master sent me away to fetch him, but by the time I reached the age of eight, I could read not only Irken, but many other galactic languages along with all the languages of my native tongue. It's strange how we humans have more than one language while every other race has but only one.

Once I asked Master Blin why had chosen a human as his slave (one random act of my curiosity), and he told me that humans were the most adaptive species ever recorded. No matter what was thrown at us, our bodies naturally responded to coexist with that change. He doesn't know it, but when he said that I felt an overwhelming sense of pride, but I'd never let it show on my face.... Corrections.

I don't know much about my home planet. I know it has only one sun and one moon and it is mostly made up of something called water. Long ago the technology was so primitive and pathetic but it's now one of the most advanced societies in all the galaxies. We used to only live to the age of seventy, eighty if lucky. Ninety if we cheated death. Now however, we live much longer. At a certain age, all humans get injections that allow them to live almost as long as an Irken. Almost.

Humans also had a thing called religion, but I don't really understand it. How could something so big and powerful live up here in space without anyone noticing? I tried asking Master about it, but he just scoffed and shooed me away. I wasn't surprised, but disappointed.

Master had  told me that before the Irkens and Vortians arrived, the humans were practically destroying themselves at such a young age. They polluted their land to such an extent the Vortians had to come up with new chemicals in order to save such the young planet. Master Blin said it was a waste of resources and that Irk and Vort should have let it be.

Some humans used to believe in things paranormal like big feets and vampires. Werewolves and ghosties... Dragons, elves, witches, wizards, and even something called a chupacabra. I always find joy when I stumble across old legends and myths that talk about these things. It's a shame that humans no longer believe in the paranormal. Sometimes I wonder if I have a primitive brain like my ancestors for believing in such tales...

I'm not bothered by it though. If anything, I'm glad I'm different from the Irkens.

Sometimes Master Blin likes to visit the Battling Arena, a giant structure that takes up most of the planet Yukinzaina where successful aliens, much like my master, go to bet on a worthy contestant. Half of the Battling Arena is made up of temporary rooms for those who partake in battle, each room holding four persons, giving each person their own bed.

In the center of the structure is the Upgrade Hall. This is where the contestants bring their out of date, malfunctioning or broken weapons and battle suits for upgrades. I have only been there once with Master when he was buying upgrades for a contestant he betted on. I asked Master Blin if that was illegal and he said it was 'a innocent investment'.

There are many battle rooms, all different from another. There are some that are on the ground, each battler with only one weapon. These are mostly for new warriors who are inexperienced and sloppy. These rooms are the most plain and least expensive.

Then there are rooms where two contestants stand on platforms fifty feet away from one another and are separated by a pool of acid. If one loses his balance, it's all over and the other wins. These rooms are the most common and usual differ in size and also the choice in the Separator. (molten lava, acid, hungry Unka beasts, etcetera).

And then, there are the rooms that only the most experienced fighters can access. These rooms give a more controlled environment not only for the fighters, but for the audience as well. The contestants are not limited to the ground, but also hanging platforms and gravity plates. In these battle rooms, the seats in which the audience relax at have a large button on the left side and if half the audience presses it, the entire battle scene changes;

Random pits will appear on the main level of the arena, and much like the platform arena's, the pits contain deadly beasts, poisons, acids, lasers and sometimes if the contestants are lucky enough for a quick death, spiked floors.

Master Blin usually bets on a contestant in these rooms, for they are the most brutal and most entertaining fights throughout the Battle Arena. He even has his own section in all the rooms where only he may sit (aside from me of course). Today however, was different.

Today... We went to the one arena where only people like my master are allowed to watch.

Today, we went to the Conviction Chamber - The only arena where convicts are allowed to fight their way to freedom.

No one ever wins...

Dib stood on the left of his master as they both awaited the announcement of the 'match'. Dib loathed the Conviction Chamber. The convicts that were thrown into the pit always faced petty crimes that could have been easily solved in a diplomatic fashion. Most were in there for misunderstands or false accusations.

Dib remembered the first time he watched a battle in the Conviction Chamber; there was an Irken by the name of Kil,  a mechanic for the Massive. He had been framed for setting off an explosive in the Almighty Tallest Spork's sleeping quarters that nearly killed him. On the Tallest's request, Kil was sent directly to the Conviction Chamber and was forced to face a Florcoocian warrior. Kil had no military training thus making him utterly defenseless against the other, and it was over before it began.

Not even a week after that gruesome fight was Kil found innocent for his crimes. There had been another attempt on Tallest Spork's life and the culprit was caught and put in the C.C.

Dib shuddered at the memory. Most of these fights were like Kil's situation: misunderstandings caused by a spiteful individual that ultimately lead to the death of an innocent. The human frowned but was quickly pulled away from his thoughts as his master sighed.

He glanced down at the fairly tall Irken dressed in a black suitlike apparel. A small pad extended from the pod on his master's back. Reaching out, Blin took the pad in his hand and growled. "The battle should have begun twenty minutes ago." Shaking his head, he dropped the pad as it slithered back into his PAK. "This is infuriating... Someone should be punished for this."

Dib returned his attention back to the pit, worry plastered all over his face. If the match didn't start soon, the human will be punished. Please. Dib begged within his head. Please hurry.

As if his prayers had been answered the lighting in the room dimmed as it focused to the middle of the pit. From the top left corner a large steel gate lifted to reveal the Koirbian announcer. As he hastily made his way towards the center of the pit, a large microphone descended from the ceiling.  Taking the mic into his hand, the Koirbian cleared his throat before speaking. "Welcome all to the five hundred and eighty fifth annual battle of the Convictional Chamber!" The small crowd roared in excitement as the announcer smiled wearily. "Yes... Well! We have something special for you all today! A live execution!" he said turning towards the gate that he had came from.

The crowd fell silent as two Irken guards emerged, escorting a smaller, scowling Irken who was bound in electric shackles. The prisoner tried to fight off his restrainers, screaming out vulgar obscenities that made Dib's eyes grow wide. The two guards simultaneously grabbed either of the struggling Irken and threw him to the ground.

The prisoner fell with an 'oompf', and once again began screaming. "You lowly guards! How dare you through the almighty Zim?! I am an Irken Elite!" The guard to the left of the prisoner now known as Zim jerked his foot back, kicking the smaller in the gut, silencing him.

The announcer looked to the crowd with a somber look. "This, traitor," he hissed. "Has been found guilty for the death of the Irken's Almighty Tallest Spork!"

The crowd let out a gasp, including Dib. The human quickly looked down at his master, eyes wider than before. Blin's own green eyes were wide with shock. "Tallest Spork is dead?" he breathed out.

Dib returned his gaze back to the even more enraged Zim. In his fourteen years of serving Blin, nothing this devastating has happened to the Irken race.

If glares could kill, the Koirbian would be set ablaze only to be eaten by a Unka beast. Zim's glare never left the infuriating announcer as he shrieked his defense. "LIES! You tell lies!" He began to thrash around on the ground in attempt to break the shackles that bound him. "Zim was framed! I would never harm the Almighty Tallest!"

Dib winced at the sound of Zim's shrill voice.

"Those two gave me the coordinates! Irk be damned I never knew Tallest Spork was on a private vacation!"

The guard to the right of Zim growled and kicked the smaller in the temple. "Silence! We will not stand for anymore of your lies!"

The announcer looked around the room and pointed to the Irken Elite. "We have disabled his ninety percent of his PAK functions." He looked back towards the guards, waving his hand to dismiss them. The two Irkens nodded, the one on the left leaning down to deactivate the binding on the groaning Elite. The Koirbian looked back to the crowd and smirked. "Release the Florcoocian!" With that, he turned his back to the audience and hastily made his way to the closing gate in the corner.

Standing to his feet, Zim howled in rage. "Curse you Red and Purple! Curse you!" He shrieked. Silence once again filled the air as another large gate in front of Zim creaked open, revealing the giant that was to oppose the condemned Irken Elite.
You're still sending cells to their rightful places,
When forming more likely to escape.
Such a narrow way of life.
What's it look like from your side?
From here I can't see why it's worth
One more coming out cursed?
- As Cities Burn - Our World Burns Grey

Wassssup guuuuys! Oh my glob it took foreeeeeeeever to find the time to write this. I've been so freaking busy with school and I have BARELY any time to be alone to write. But I have not failed you yet my fellow readers!

Okay, I'd like to say that the Battle Arena was inspired by the RPG game, Breath of Fire 3. I freaking LOVE that game and I know, it's not original, but I couldn't help but rip off from it, it's sooo epic. It's not EXACTLY like the game, but the main idea is.

ALSO: For any of you who are religious, I am NOT bashing the idea of a god, but simply stating that Dib does not understand why his race was the only one to make such assumptions. If I offended you in anyway, I am sorry. It was not my intent.

Prologue - [link]

Chapter One (Part One)- You're reading it! :D

Chapter One (Part Two) - [link]
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