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Dib couldn't help but stare at the scowling Irken seated beside him. He was somewhat confused as to why the ex-Elite put up such a strong argument against his master's proposal, considering he was to be executed for a crime he claimed he did not commit.  The teen had watched as Zim challenged Blin, his glare never faltering while he yelled things like, "Have you the brain worms!?", "I am an Irken Elite! Not some kind of service drone!" and "Zim belongs to no one!". Dib was surprised to see that his master responded to Zim's boisterous claims with a smile and calm demeanor, that eventually persuaded the upset criminal to accept his offer. The human forced himself to hold back a snicker when Zim said he'd do it under four conditions, those being that Blin was to pay for the complete restoration of his PAK, give Zim the largest room in Blin's home, complete access to the home's labs, and his own drone. It wasn't like Blin, the notorious and vicious slave master would actually comply to Zim's demands...

But here they were, sitting inside of Blin's personalized Voot Cruiser that he had designed in order to accommodate four people comfortably.

Finally tearing his eyes away from Zim, Dib stole a quick glance at his master.  Blin's eyes were trained on Zim, a smug smirk plastered on his lips. The human knew that look. It was a look that every Irken had, the look of that's mine.

The taller Irken cleared his throat, making Dib jump slightly and forcing Zim to acknowledge his presence. Zim bared his teeth in a silent snarl which only made Blin chuckle. Said Irken brought his fist up to his mouth as if to conceal his obvious laughter.

"You don't honestly believe that I'd be frightened by that, do you?" Blin questioned, smirk never faltering.

Zim's glare intensified as he stood up and marched over to the other sitting in the corner, his chin just barely reaching above Blin's neck. "Do not think for a moment that you will ever own Zim!" He straightened his posture in order to make himself taller (or in his mind at least), his hands curling into tight fists. "I may have agreed to be your protector but I will not be a drone." He brought his face dangerously close to Blin's. Fuschia eyes bore into green as he continued. "Never forget that."

Green eyes narrowed at Zim's hinted threat. Crossing one leg over the other Blin leaned forward, forcing his forehead against the ex-Elite's. "And what makes you think that you can order your master around like this, hmm?"

Zim's lips twitched into scowl. "And what makes you think you can order one of the most deadliest Irkens to ever serve or Empire?" Bringing up both of his hands, Zim grabbed Blin by the neck. He leaned up to the other's antenna, his lips slightly brushing against one of the stalks as he spoke. "I'm an unstoppable death machine you know?" Without waiting for a reply Zim released his hold on the other and took a step back. He smirked as Blin threw his hands up to his abused neck and started to cough. Snorting out a loud heh, Zim took his place next to Dib. He looked over to the shocked human and let out a brief chuckle. "You call that a master?"

Zim took in the sight of Blin's residential home on Vort with a bored expression plastered on his face. Even if it was huge, the ex-Elite knew it was because the bastard had a lot of monies and decided to waste it on this tacky design.

It resembled that of one of Earth's many luxurious houses; Mansions, manors, castles, or whatever you want to call it. He didn't really care. Zim averted his gaze from the home and stared at the ground as Blin quickly made his way to the entrance. The ex-Elite wasted no time in following after the infuriating Irken. The sooner he got inside, the sooner he'd be able to repair his PAK.

Once inside, Zim looked around his new surroundings. Either side had a long hallway that seemed to go on forever. Down each all were many doors and each door seemed to have a panel on the left side. Zim frowned. That could be a hindrance in the near future. He thought. Looking away from the hall, he noted the giant elevator that stood in the middle of the room. He tore his eyes away from that as well, Zim looked up at Blin with a smirk. "So, where is your lab?" He said rubbing his hands together.

Blin turned around and stared at the beaming Irken for a few moments before turning his back on him once again. He raised his hand up and made a shooing motion. "Dib, show this new drone to his room." With that, the Irken walked down long corridor and soon disappeared from sight.

Zim cursed under his breath and stared up at the slightly taller human. After a few moments of awkward silence the Irken let out a frustrated sigh and stepped out of the boy's way. "Come on drone, we haven't got all day."

Dib blinked and stared down at the peeved green male. He bowed his head and mumbled an apology before gesturing towards the elevator. "Right this way." He said before leading the way.

Once he and Zim were inside, Dib pressed a large, green button. After a few moments there came a ding and a metallic voice rang through the air. "Welcome home Master Dib."

"Computer, take us to level six." The human said, ignoring the last statement. The elevator hummed as it started up and took the two to the lowest level of the manor.

Looking over at the Irken, Dib watched has the smaller examined his black gloves as a girl would her nails. He let out a soft sigh before looking up at the preoccupied human.     
Fuchsia eyes narrowed as he asked, "What are you looking at?"

Dib's eyes widened slightly before he looked away. "I'm sorry." He mumbled before the elevator came to a halt.

Zim ignored the apology, pushing his way past the human and exited the elevator. Dib shook his head slightly and followed after the Irken. "Third door on the left."

The ex-Elite turned and glared at the boy. "Zim knew that worm-monkey." Dib said nothing as he walked up to the door and placed his left hand on the panel. The door opened with a swoosh and the Irken walked into his new home without a moment's hesitation.

The room was fairly large; A large, pink, circular bed in the right corner of the room with large cables that coiled around the sides. Zim's lips twitched into a small smile as he noted the giant computer system on the back wall. The Irken walked up to the pink circle and sat down.

The human followed the alien, watching as the other briefly inspected the room. His heart sped up slightly when the alien sat down and looked up at him. Ruby orbs narrowed as pale skin blushed. "What?" Zim barked harshly.

Dib took a small step towards the bed. "Uh... Zim sir?" the human inquired. "Did you really uhm," he scratched at his chin before averting his gaze. "Did you really kill the Almighty Tallest Spork?"

Zim's mouth opened slightly at the human's blunt question. His eyes narrowed into thin slits as he recalled his past. "No." He nearly whispered. "Zim did not kill Tallest Spork."

Dib took a few more steps towards the alien. "Can you tell me?"

Fuchsia eyes searched golden ones as their owner tried read the other's thoughts. "Tell you what, hyooman?"

"Can you tell me what happened?"

Zim said nothing at first. He just stared at the boy in a somewhat confused state. Was he serious? Why would a human, let alone an illegal drone want to know how in the seven hells Zim was innocent. Letting out a sigh, the alien gestured towards the crescent shaped chair positioned near the computer. The human wasted no time and hurried over to sit down.

"I am- was an Irken Elite. Almighty Tallest Spork had ordered us to infiltrate and observe a potential enemy planet. It was called Operation Fallout." He took in a deep breath then he slowly exhaled. "I was under the orders of generals Red and Purple. Those-bastards, told me," His antenna wilted as anger slowly consumed him. "They told Zim that Almighty Tallest Spork had given me a top secret mission to annihilate a building on planet Pit. They had told me that the leader of our enemies had ran off to the planet after he declared war on Irk." He clenched his fists, the rubber of his gloves squeaking from the force. "They gave me the coordinates to Tallest Spork's vacation home on planet Pit. They lied to Zim!" He bared his teeth in a snarl. "They made me kill him!"

He looked back at Dib with an angry glare. "I swear to Irk hyooman, once I have my PAK functioning I will hunt them down and destroy them."

The human stared back at the glowering Irken. Dib's expression was calm as he silently studied the other's expression. Somehow, he knew the small Irken was telling the truth. There was something in those ruby orbs that told the boy Zim's claim of innocence was valid. Although he was strange, Dib knew Zim could have never killed the Almighty Tallest.

Minutes passed in an awkward silence. Neither being dared to move as they pondered over what had just been said. Dib looked away from the Irken and began to twirl his thumbs silently.

Zim took notice of the look on the human's face. He wanted to say something, but nothing was said. Flustered, the alien let out an angry sigh and turned his body around to face Dib's. "What?"

Dib didn't look up. "I have another question."

"Well?" Zim probed, annoyance evident in his tone.

The boy said nothing at first as he looked around the room, avoiding the other's gaze as he tried to find the right words.

The Irken tapped his foot impatiently as he silently waited for other.

After what seemed like hours, hazel eyes finally met ruby. "What's it like to be free?"

Zim completely deadpanned at the boy's question. "Eh?"

Dib's face flushed with embarrassment. "What's it like-" he paused for a brief moment. "To be free?"

Zim placed his hand on either side of his body and leaned back as he studied the other. "Freedom isn't free, hyooman. You have to work and push and shove your way up to the very top to prove that you're better than all of the other dirt munchers. Once you do that, you can do anything. You can scout out surrounding galaxy's, visit other planets, anything." His eyes narrowed slightly. "Until you're about to be executed in the Conviction Chamber and some rich floozy decides to buy you as a guard, and you can't do anything because it'd be against the Irken Law." He bared his teeth once more and flopped down onto the bed. "Leave."

Dib's eyes widened comically as he stared at the pouting Irken. "Zim?"

"Leave!" The other shouted.

The human quickly jumped up from his seat and ran out of the room, the door swooshing shut behind him. Zim closed his eyes as the cables around the bed slithered their way up and connected to the Irken's PAK. "I will hunt you two down..." He whispered harshly, his mind shutting down as his PAK shut down and entered it's sleep cycle.
That took way too long to write...

Well! Here's chapter two ^^ I hope you all enjoy it.

Chapter One (Part Two)- [link]

Chapter Two - You're here ^^

Chapter Three -[link]
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