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Looking forward at the crescent shaped chair in which his new master was seated in, a confused teen watched from his spot on the round bed as the ex-Elite examined his new lab that had been hidden by a hologram of a wall. The Irken hummed to himself, picking up various objects only to set them back down again. After a few minutes, Zim turned away from his observations in favor of the boy.

“This lab is impressive.” He said excitedly. “It’s a fair size, has a good amount of tools,” he then grinned sadistically. “There’s even chemicals in here I could only dream of using!” Letting out a content sigh, he turned away from Dib and stared into his lab. “With these materials, I could create a whole new era of weaponry for the Armada.” Dib watched silently as the black stalks upon the other’s head wilted slightly. “Or myself.” Nodding his head, the Irken set out to do just that.

The human’s curiosity was grasped when Zim began to mix chemicals in vials and beakers that ranged in different sizes- Large, medium, small. Zim cursed under his breath as one chemical combination melted through the glass it had been stored into. After that, the green male experimented with many different metals he found in the lab until at last, one was able to withstand the power of the acidic liquid.

Setting the liquid down, the Irken pulled out a large electrical pad and began to sketch something the human couldn’t see. Dib tried to look over the other’s shoulders to sneak a glance but could see nothing. Sticking out his bottom lip in a pouting manner, the boy plopped down on his side and remained silent as Zim began to build whatever it was that he drew on the pad.

After what felt like hours, the human let out a soft yawn as his drowsy eyes blinked in attempt to ward off sleep. Just when he thought he was losing the battle, Zim let out a manic laugh that aroused the boy from his dream-like state. Dib sat up quickly as Zim stood from his seat and held up his creation. Turning around excitedly to the boy, Zim waved what appeared to be some sort of gun in the child’s face. “Behold Dib-Pig, my creation!”

Dib leaned back in the bed as he tried to look at what was being shown to him. “That’s great.” He said in a confused tone. “What is it?”

Zim withdrew his weapon and let out a sigh. “Stupid Earth monkey. It’s obviously a gun.”

The human blushed a bit at the insult. “I see that, but what does it do?”

“It shoots acid.” He said with a smirk.

“Acid?” Dib asked shocked as he scooted back on the bed.

“Yes~ Acid.” Zim cooed. “I must admit it took quite some time trying to find a metal that was immune to it. But I found it of course.”

Just as Zim was about to comment on his genius, his body began to tingle as his PAK began to vibrate as it sent him a message from Blin. Cursing under his breath, he set the acidic gun on the workbench in the lab. “That intolerable Blin somehow got my PAK code.” He shook his head angrily. “He’s calling me.” Zim turned and stared at Dib. “Why don’t you do something useful while I’m gone?”

The human cocked his head slightly at the order. “Useful?” He asked. “Useful like what?”

Zim shrugged his shoulders. “There are so many things you could do hyooman.” He gestured towards the lab. “Like making a useful weapon.”

Dib’s eyes widened slightly. “I- I don’t know how to make something like that!” He ran a slender hand through raven hair. “I don’t even know where to be begin if I wanted too.” Hazel eyes searched fuschia in hopes of receiving some sort of clarification. “How do you build something like that?” He asked gesturing towards the gun.

Zim gave Dib a bored expression before making his way towards the door. “Quit asking questions and figure it out.” Without waiting for a reply, the Irken stepped out of the room.

Dib sat on the bed- confused. How in the world was he supposed to build something complex like the acidic gun? With a heavy sigh, the human slowly walked over to the workbench and picked up the weapon. Sitting down on the moon-shaped chair, the boy inspected to task at hand. “This is just stupid.”


Tired eyes  looked up slowly as the door to his study opened with a swoosh. Green eyes glared into fuschia as the two Irken’s silently wished ill will upon the other. After a few moments, Blin broke the silent battle of stares with a sigh. “We will get nowhere in this, compromise if we constantly attack each other's throats.” He slowly stood to his feet and placed his hands behind his back.

Zim’s eyes narrowed as he watched Blin’s every move. “Compromise? I hardly believe buying an ex-Elite and forcing him to be your Sklavus is anything near a compromise.”

Closing his eyes, Blin waved a slender hand towards the other. “No matter- What’s done is done, and it’s time for you to comply to your position.”

“And what exactly are you doing that acquires my protection?” Zim asked in an angry tone to cover up his curiosity.

Blin took a few steps towards the shorter male as he spoke. “We will be going to Earth to retrieve a new human, seeing as you’ve cunningly stolen my old one. You will accompany me on the journey in means of intimidation. I want my new Sklavus to be more- compliant than that boy you have now.”

“It makes no difference to me that you’re sulking over losing the Dib-Thing.” Zim said shrugging his shoulders. “But if you insist, I guess I could use my amazing Zim powers to help you get what you want.”

The taller Irken rolled his eyes as he made his way back to the desk. He lowered his hand down the left side and flipped a small switch. The Irken stepped back while the desk split down the middle and lowered down into the floor as a large teleporter emerged from the very same spot. He looked over at Zim with a bored expression. “We’ll be taking this teleporter instead of my Voot. I don’t want to attract any attention.”

Zim cocked an nonexistent brow as the machinery emerged seemingly out of nowhere. “I am far too amazing to be noticed by the other pig smellies. But if you must, we shall take this.” He said gesturing towards the teleporter.

Ignoring Zim’s vanity, Blin made his way inside of the device with the other male close behind him. Once both were inside, Blin hit a small, pink button on his left. “This human better be worth my monies...” He said in a low voice as a bright, white light enveloped them both.


Zim’s spooch lurched as his very being was converted into tiny particles only to be quickly replaced back in their proper state. He squinted his eyes as he struggled to take in his new surroundings.

Once he was used to the sudden darkness of the location, he noted the eerie sense of dread that seemed to ooze from the right corner of the room. Slowly, he turned his head towards the ominous feeling as he unconsciously moved closer to Blin for comfort. A slight ringing tingled his antenna as the deafening silence made it’s presence known to the smaller Irken. Zim squinted his eyes into thin slits as he desperately tried to detect any sort of movement. Fuschia eyes slowly widened as the Irken gaze fell upon a large cage off to the far right of the room, electricity running through the steel it was made from that cast out an unsettling blue glow.

Zim looked up at Blin’s eerily calm face in shock. “What is this place Blin?”

The other Irken glanced down at the smaller male and let out a soft chuckle. “Is poor little Zim afraid of the dark?”

Jade cheeks flushed blue with embarrassment. “Nonsense!” He nearly shrieked. Avoiding further questioning, Zim looked around the dark room. “You come to this place a lot yes?”

Giving the other a bored expression, Blin began walking towards the right corner of the room. “Yes, I do. This is an underground trafficking system.” He gestured towards the cage. “It’s where I obtain my human slaves.”

Zim tore his eyes away from Blin as he drew closer to the cage. His eyes narrowed slightly as he noted two Irken guards on either side. “This is what the Empire has come to while I’ve been gone?” He tsked as he briefly took in a handful of humans within the steel bars. “Why didn’t I know about this place when I was a scientist? Would have made experiments much more enjoyable.”

Blin ignored the other’s rambles and approached the guard nearest to him. The other Irken turned and greeted the other with a smirk. “Blin!” he said while grabbing a hold of his hand and shaking it. “We’re always so glad to see you.”

The green eyed Irken firmly shook the other’s hand with a smug smirk. “You only enjoy my presence because of the monies I bring in for you two, Sisics.”

Sisics let out a chuckle before turning away towards the cage. He brought up a hand to a panel on the left hand side of the cage and dialed a series of numbers. He took a step back as the electric field ceased and the door of the cage swung open. Turing to the other guard, Sisics gestured towards the five humans. “You have the information on these humans Tinule. Introduce them to Blin.”

The Irken known as Tinule nodded his head and pointed towards the wall. “Line up over there hyoomans.”

The humans silently complied. Zim frowned as he watched the five step out of the large cage in tattered clothing. He stuck his tongue out in disgust.

Tinule stood in front of the five and gestured towards the one on the left. “Prisoner 37894. Name, Keef. Age, sixteen human years. Sex, male. Height, five foot even. ”

Blin walked up and stood next to Tinule shaking his head. “This one is too- short.”

Tinule nodded his head and gestured to the human next to Keef. “Prisoner 309804. Name, Zita. Age, fifteen human years. Sex, female. Height, four-foot-eight.”

Blin shook his head once again. “Females are far too troublesome to deal with.”

“Prisoner 490212. Name, Mickaiel. Age, twenty-four human years. Sex, male. Height, six-foot,two.”

“Too ugly.”

Tinule cleared his throat nervously. “Prisoner 94082 is a female, so we’ll skip over her.” He scratched at his cheek and nodded towards the human on the end. “Prisoner 983983. Name, Dwicky.  Age, twenty-five human years. Height, five-foot-nine.”

Blin slowly walked over to the Dwicky human and roughly grabbed him by the chin, turning it this way and that as he let out a soft hmm. “Yes.” He purred. “Not too tall, not too ugly- He’ll do just fine.” He turned away from Dwicky and looked at the two guards. “I want him cleaned up and ready to go in an hour.” His eyes narrowed into dangerous slits. “Don’t keep me waiting.” With that, he walked towards the teleporter waving a hand in Zim’s direction. “Come Sklavus.”

Zim glared at the Dwicky human with pure hatred. Something about this man was- unsettling. His face didn’t reveal any sort of negative emotion like the other four. Zim shuddered. It was creepy.

The Irken growled at the other’s insult but silently complied. Before stepping in the teleporter, he turned and stole another glance at the human. “Disgusting.”
We signal in a moonbeam
I beg you to follow me
You say that I'll be surprised
At the codes in the sunrise
But if I don't like what I see
And my grip starts loosening
The edge of the big reveal
Could be the end of the story
Silversun Pickups - Dots and Dashes (Enough Already)

Chapter Four - [link]

Chapter Five - You're here.

Chapter Six - Coming soon~
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