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November 4, 2012
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The two companions took their time walking back to Blin’s study after the Irken had gained all functions back into his PAK; Zim had laid upon a steel medical bed as the medic drone probed away at his PAK, screaming threats at the top of his lungs the entire time while Dib had stood near the door of the room and watched curiously as the smaller cursed at the other Irken, telling her that if anything were to go wrong he’d take it upon himself to destroy her. The drone worked fast and efficiently and once everything was once again right, she wasted no time in kicking the rude Irken out of the room.

The two walked down one of the halls on the main level of the home. Dib stifled laughter as Zim mumbled under his breath, complaining that the medic had treated his lifesource carelessly. The human watched silently while Zim half heartedly rambled angrily. It seemed like in no time at all that the two reached the small elevator that ascended to the human’s master’s study.

Stepping into the machinery, Zim shuddered slightly. Even though it had been well over ten minutes since that horrid female poked around his PAK, he could still feel the instruments pulling and repairing the damaged parts. He hated the feeling.

Once they reached their destination, Dib and Zim slowly walked to the automatic doors that separated them from Blin. With a heavy sigh, the human placed his hand upon the panel and silently stepped into the room with Zim close behind him. The Irken noted the mess from earlier with a scowl. Lazy bastard.

The green eyed Irken looked up as the two entered the room, antenna perked up lazily in slight shock. “Zim!” He said with false curiosity. “I hope all is well with your PAK.” Zim gave a silent snarl and response, but otherwise said nothing. Green eyes narrowed slightly at the rude gesture. Letting off a soft sight, the Irken waved a lithe hand towards  the human. “Clean up the floor Dib.”

Before the human could comply, a gloved hand shot up and rested firmly upon his chest. “Wait hyooman.” Zim said sternly.

Both Dib and Blin stared at the small Irken in confusion. “Zim?” The boy questioned quietly.

Ignoring the implication, Zim stared coldly at the boy’s master. “I have yet to recieve my other two requests. That should be your first priority.”

Blin completely deadpanned at the hinted threat. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“I assure you Blin, I am quite serious.”

Rolling his eyes, Blin waved his hand dismissively. “Fine! Do what you want.”

Zim smirked evilly at the other Irken. “It seems that I’ve forgotten what they were.” He wilted his antenna innocently. “Could you please remind Zim of what they were?”

Blin growled at the display before him. “Seriously?” Zim stared at the other with humor and said nothing. “Irk dammit- Fine.” He gave off another sigh. “You wanted any one of my drones and access to my labs. They’re both yours.”

Zim almost bursted out in laughter- This was just too easy!

Gripping on the human’s shirt, the Irken roughly pulled the boy down to eye level. Fuschia orbs stared intently into hazel eyes as he pulled the boy’s face closer, drawing out every word slowly.“Here that Dib-Stink? You now belong to Zim.” He said in a husky voice, lips grazing over Dib’s as he spoke.

The human blushed slightly as a slender hand rested upon his chest, even more so when he was pulled down to the other’s face- Lips brushing lightly against the other’s. Dib’s eyes widened in shock as he repeated Zim’s words in his head. “Wha-”

“What!?” Blin’s voice boomed as he suddenly stood, throwing his chair into the wall.

Zim remained the way he was, eyes never leaving the Dib’s. “I want him.”

“This is ridiculous!” The taller shrieked. “My Sklavus is not part of this deal!”

“You gave your word that I could have any drone under your service as my own! That does not exclude the Dib!”

“Oh yes it does!” Blin slammed his fists down on the desk before him. “He-” the Irken pointed at the human. “Is mine and mine alone! He is not for you!”

The ex-Elite slowly turned his head towards the enraged Irken; Fuschia eyes staring daggers into the taller’s very being. “I was under the impression that you were a noble Irken citizen- One who follows every Irken law. Even those made illegally.” He looked the other male up and down slowly. “But all I see before me is a coward.” he spat.

Blin’s antenna trembled- his mouth agape as he returned Zim’s glare with one of his own. He stood there, staring at the two before him; The rage steadily as he tried to build up some kind of excuse.

Zim averted his gaze in favor of his free hand. He brought it up to his face and dusted off his nails. He turned his hand this way and that as he inspected every inch of it.

After a few minutes, Blin slowly brought his hand up to his face and sighed. “I- am a man of my word.” He said firmly. “I can always find another human to be my Sklavus.” He almost whispered.

A sly smile snaked it’s way across green lips as a lithe hand moved away from the boy’s chest and up to the lock that bounced on his head. Holding the piece of hair firmly, Zim turned his back to the fuming Irken and marched quickly towards the door. “Come Dib-Slave!” He tugged harshly on his hair. “We have much to do!”


Zim had released the boy’s hair once they’d entered the elevator. Dib quickly shot his hand up to massage his abused scalp. His gaze never leaving the other male’s frame as the machine took them down to the main floor. Not wanting to invoke the other’s wrath, the human stood quietly, confusion painted all over his face. Why, out of all people, would this Irken choose him?

Said Irken brought up a fist up to his lips as he tried to contain his laughter. With each passing second his laughter took control of his being in a psychotic manner that sent chills down the boy’s spine.

The elevator dinged as they reached the main level, hindering the green male’s fit of humor. Taking in a deep breath to regain himself, he turned to Dib with a smirk. “Now- Tell Zim where the stink beast’s lab is.”

The human stared blankly at the other, unable to comprehend what had just happened.

Zim’s eyes narrowed after a few silent moments. How dare this human ignore him after all he’s done for him! He brought his hand up to the boy’s face and snapped his fingers. “Dib!”

Dib blinked his eyes in confusion. “Why?”

Raising a nonexistent brow, Zim asked- “Why what Dib?”

“Why did you pick me?” He asked quietly.

Zim’s expression softened slightly as he stared into those hazel orbs. “What Irken wouldn’t want a hyooman slave of their own?” He asked in a duh sort of way. “Besides- I’ve always wanted my own rival, and with a bit of training you might be able to live up to my expectations.”

The human gave Zim a confused stare. “I don’t understand.”

Sighing angrily, Zim twirled his wrist around in circles. “I’m saying you’d be much more entertaining if you were to be more like Zim!” He rolled his eyes. “Like anyone could be as amazing as me, but nevertheless you should try.”

Dib stared at Zim dumbfounded. He didn’t know how to respond.

Ignoring the other’s stupid-like gaze, Zim turned away from the human and began to walk down the hall. “Now, where is the labs?”

Dib quickly followed after the Irken. “There’s one down in the lowest levels of the house, but I think you’d like the one in your room much better.”

Zim halted, one foot raised up in mid stride. “My room?”

“Yes.” Dib said slowly. “There’s one in your room. Big too.”

The Irken began walking again with a happy grin spread across his face. “Excellent.”
Sooo... Tired.

Did anyone else watch the Walking Dead tonight? IT MADE ME SOOOOOOOO FREAKING MAD!

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It's on hiatus for a while, but I will definately write again eventually!
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