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WARNING: There IS a bit of vulgar language but not enough to put a real warning. :) Thanks for reading!

Fuschia eyes blinked themselves awake as cables disconnected from the PAK as it excited it's sleep cycle, forcing the green male back into consciousness. Zim slowly propped himself up in a sitting position before stretching his tired muscles with a mewling yawn, his serpentine tongue flicking out and danced across dry lips.

The Irken swung his legs over the side of the bed and stared at the metal door before him. He desperately tried to sort out groggy thoughts as they flooded into his mind. His first priority was to get his PAK back to full function, but in order to do that he'd need to confront the Blin. He frowned. If he could he would avoid the other at all costs.

But it is crucial if I am to get what I want.

Zim let out a frustrated sigh before he stood up on tired legs. He approached the door, placing his left hand on the panel just as the human had done a few hours prior. He took a step back as the metal swooshed to the right, giving the Irken freedom to leave.

The green male wandered out into the small hallway, looking left and right as he took in the somewhat familiar surroundings. His antenna perked forward slightly as he noted the elevator. Without wasting anymore precious time, the Irken quickly made his way to the machine, slamming his palm against the access panel to open the doors before hurriedly stepping inside. Zim tapped his foot impatiently as he waited for the elevator to start up and heaved out an irritated sigh when the computer uttered a greeting. "Take me to the main level." Zim said with venom.  The computer dinged in acceptance, humming as it ascended to the first floor.

Once the doors opened, Zim almost ran out of the elevator. He straightened his posture and dusted his Elite's uniform off to make himself presentable. When he felt satisfied with his appearance, the green male looked down the long corridor that Blin had walked down when they arrived. With a frustrated grunt, Zim quickly strode down the vast hall, ever so often looking around in hopes of spotting a familiar face.

After what seemed like hours (but in reality it had been only a few minutes) the Irken finally found a service drone running down the hall in front of him. In one swift motion, Zim stepped before the hurried drone with a scowl. "Where's that smelly pig beast known as Ben?"

The drone skidded to a stop when Zim suddenly stepped out of nowhere. Blinking his large, pink eyes, the smaller looked up at the ex-Elite with confusion. "Ben?" He asked timidly.

Zim huffed and rolled his eyes sarcastically. "Yes, yes! The Ben! Tall, green eyes, infuriating?" He said as he spun his wrist in a circular motion. "Where is he!" He demanded.

The service drone let out a long 'oh' as realization dawned on him. "You mean Master Blin right?" Zim gave off another irritated sigh, but otherwise said nothing. "He's in a err... meeting." The small Irken bowed his head apologetically. "I'm afraid he won't be available for the rest of the day."

The fuming Irken stared down at the smaller. With an angry growl, Zim gripped the other by his collar and slammed him up against the steel wall. "That is not what Zim asked." He pulled the drone back and slammed him up against the wall again. "You will tell Zim where the Blin is and you will tell him now!"

The pink eyed Irken trembled beneath the intimidating ex-Elite that held him effortlessly. "M-master B-B-Blin told m-me not to let a-anyone dis-sturb him!" The smaller stuttered pathetically.

Zim brought his face closer to the drones as he spoke. "Is that really worth your life?"

The drone quickly shook his head at the question. "N-no!"

Smirking, Zim dropped the other Irken. "Good. Now tell Zim where your master is."

Scurrying up against the wall in a failed attempt of defense, the drone gasped for breath. "He's in his study!" He pointed behind Zim. "That way!"

Nodding his head slowly, Zim side-stepped to the right. Extending his arm, he gestured towards the desired destination. "Show Zim."

The drone wasted no time and quickly got to his feet. He hurried past the other Irken and walked down to the end of the hall. He stopped briefly and looked over his shoulder to confirm that the other was following. Once Zim was almost upon him, the drone turned right and entered another hall filled with doors. At the end of the hall was another elevator, this one smaller than the one in the main hall.

The service drone stepped out of Zim's way and gestured towards the machine. "Tell the computer to take you to level ten." He said before stepping back up into the wall, desperate to get away from the other Irken.

Zim said nothing to the smaller and entered the elevator. He did as he was told and gave his command. The computer dinged in acceptance. The Irken's spooch lurched slightly as the machine quickly ascended to their destination.

After a few moments the doors opened and revealed a small hallway with a large door at the end. Quirking a nonexistent brow, Zim slowly approached it.  Just as he raised his palm to press the panel on the left, Zim stopped as he heard the human's familiar voice from beyond the door. He lowered his hand back down to his side and put his head up against the cool metal, antenna firmly pressed against the door as he eavesdropped.

" 'e's been down th' for three hours si'." Dib's voice cut in and out as Zim listened.

"An' wh't 'bout the monies I betted 'gainst 'im?"

"You've l'st almost six thos'nd sir."

There was a brief moment of silence before a large crash erupted from behind the wall. Zim jumped slightly at the shrill cry of rage that bellowed from the other Irken's throat. Eyes narrowed into thin slits as Zim listened to the obvious sound of boots colliding with something soft. The human grunted softly after every thump.

Tearing his head away from the door, Zim growled in rage. He had his suspicions that the human was some sort of Sklavus, but this- this was just infuriating! Not only had Blin broken intergalactic law by having this human as his own personal slave, he was also abusing him!

Bring back his right foot, Zim kicked the bottom of the door as he brought up his hand and slammed it against the panel. "Blin!" The Irken shrieked as the door slid open.

Said Irken slowly straightened his posture as the door revealed a very pissed off Zim; Eyes narrowed into dangerous slits, hands balled into tight fists... Clearing his throat, the taller took a step back from the fallen human. "Zim." He said blandly.  The ex-Elite took in the sight with pure rage. The human was on his back, propped up by his elbows. A thick trail of blood ran down the side of his head as well as the corner of his mouth. Without uttering a single word, the Irken stepped into the room and stood his ground before the slave master. "It's good to finally see you-"

Small hands darted out and grabbed the taller by the throat, cutting off whatever bullshit the he was about to utter. "You!" Zim breathed out in a low tone. "You, will fix my PAK and you will do it now!" In one fluid motion, slender hands completely released their grip.

Zim watched as Blin stumbled backwards, coughing as he tenderly massaged his abused neck. After a few moments, he regained himself and glared daggers at the fuming Irken before him. "What's-" he took in a deep breath. "What's your obsession with grabbing me by the neck!?" Zim said nothing, only glared. Blin shook his head and leaned against the wall behind him. "Why should I let you fix your PAK when you've done nothing but try to kill me?"

Zim pondered over the question for a moment. He tapped at his chin in sarcasm. "Hmm-" He hummed softly. "Maybe it's because you've only given me reasons to kill you." He said dryly. "But- I suppose if I had my PAK fixed, I wouldn't be so hostile to my ma-" He cringed as he tried to finish the word. "Ma-"

"Master." Blin said smugly.

Zim growled and waved his hand dismissively. "Yes, yes." He rolled his eyes before looking Blin in the eye. "If Zim were to have his PAK fixed, then I would not be inclined to take out my frustration on you."

There was a few moments of awkward silence before Blin let out a soft hmmm. "Very well then." He said finally. "Dib- Take my Sklavus to the medical bay."

Zim grinned as he turned around and strode out of the room, leaving the human to stand his ground alone. Once the human found himself standing, he shakily exited the room with a "Yes master."

The smaller Irken waited outside of the elevator as the human slowly made his way to his side. Without speaking to the other, he opened the machine and stepped inside, giving Zim room to enter as he did so. "Take us to the medical bay." As the elevator hummed, Zim glanced quickly at the shaken boy.

"Hyooman." He said curiously. "What are you to that- that thing?"

Dib jumped slightly, having not been ready for confrontation. "Wha- what do you mean?" He asked nervously.

Zim gave off a sigh before turning slightly to face the human. "Are you his personal Sklavus?"

The boy's heartbeat quickened as those intense fuchsia orbs stared directly into his golden eyes. "I-" He gulped before averting his gaze to his feet. "I'm his adopted son." He nearly whispered.

The Irken's eyes narrowed slightly at the obvious lie, but otherwise said nothing. No need to probe one who is in denial about these things...

But still-

Zim let out another sigh before looking forward. "It is against intergalactic law to abuse a human you know?" He shook his head disappointedly. "If Zim were you, he'd rip off that Irk damned infuriating male's antenna and shove it right up his-" he stopped himself and cleared his throat. "You get the idea."

Just then, the elevator dinged signaling that they had reached their destination. Zim wasted no time as the doors slid open, he quickly marched out without waiting for the boy.

Dib stared at the proud Irken-dumbstruck. No one had ever said anything like that to him. No one had ever even gave a second thought to the beatings he endured, nor had anyone stood their ground for him. Well, as close as standing ground comes anyway.

The human couldn't help the small smile that crept across his lips. Lowering his head, the human slowly trailed behind the small Irken.
My fear is fading
I can't speak it
Or else you will dig my grave
You fear them finding
Always winding
Take my hand now
Be alive

You see I cannot be forsaken
Because I'm not the only one
We walk amongst you
Feeding, raping
Must we hide from everyone

Disturbed ft. Korn - Forsaken

Dude, I wrote this while wathing Queen of the Damned. That movie... Ohmyglob soooo much inpiration. Well, not so much inpiriation as motivation. I love that movie sooo much.

Whelp, I didn't go to school today because, well I hate school. With a firey passion. So I took the oportunity to write the next chapter for Bloodstream (:

Chapter Two - [link]

Chapter Three - You're here

Chapter Four - [link]
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