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How long has it been:  Hours, days, weeks, months? With the missing essence of a clock or window, the human had lost his sense of time long ago. He usually had an idea of what time it was when Zim came to visit him, bringing him food and water three times a day, but after that 'incident', Zim stopped coming. Gir came by every so often, bringing some sort of snack or an occasional meal and sometimes when Zim's computer cleansed Dib of his human filth it would strike up an irrelevant conversation, but besides that he was completely alone.

At first he had expected the alien to come back and torture him or even kill him. But as time dragged on and Zim had yet to reappear, Dib began to get worried. Not only for himself, but for his captor. Was Zim just going to leave him there in that cage to slowly starve to death, or was he just avoiding the human because of what happened? Had he really hurt the green teen so much that he refused to see the human? Maybe Zim was thinking of a perfect plan to make Dib suffer, or even kill him.

Or maybe he killed himself...

That thought caused Dib to cringe. Before, he would have laughed and gloated about causing the green boy such pain, but now he realized that even though he hated Zim, he had no right to manipulate him like that. Had he known his actions would have harmed the alien so much, he wouldn't have done it. But regardless, he had and he felt terrible about it.

This caused the human to get angry. Why should he care that he hurt Zim? It was because of him that Dib got sent to the Crazy House For Boys for more times than he could count and was constantly ridiculed and abused for his accusations towards Zim, and the alien would walk away from any situation unscathed.

So why didn't he do the same this time?

Dib curled himself up into a ball on his cot, bringing his knees up to his chin and letting out a frustrated sigh. Oh how he wished he knew what time it was...

"Stop sighing all the time, it's making me depressed."

Not prepared for any interaction at that moment, Dib jumped at the metallic voice. He quickly recovered and turned his attention towards the long hose that had lowered down into the cage. "You'd sigh too if you were kept prisoner by some homicidal alien."

"I am." The computer retorted.

Dib said nothing and slowly stood to his feet. He quietly removed his filthy pants and threw them on the ground. He spread his legs and held his arms up, waiting for the cold cleansing gel. At first, he hated the texture of the stuff, but now he welcomed it. He hated wallowing around in his own filth and he was pretty sure Zim hadn't installed any type of latrine just to get a laugh out of Dib.

"You seem more eager this time, human." The computer said before spraying the boy's body with the pinkish goo. "Normally you throw a tantrum, shouting things like 'I'm not that dirty!' or 'I'm not in the mood!'. Not that I'm complaining..." It's voice trailed off.

The teen just grunted and turned his back to the hose, watching the pink liquid flow into a drain that was in the middle of the cage.

About ten minutes went by (at least that's what it felt like to the human) before the computer was satisfied with Dib's cleanliness. The hose withdrew and was replaced by a metal claw that picked up the human's dirty garments. "I don't know who's worse; you or Zim." The computer said while handing Dib a fresh pair of pants and a new shirt.

The boy put on the clothes without hesitation, relief washing over him knowing that the computer had practically told Dib that Zim was still very much alive. "Why do you say that?" He questioned.

The computer let out a sigh. "You both are just so emotional. It's quite annoying when you get right down to it."

"It's not my fault he reacted that way." The human lied. He knew very well that it was his fault, but he wouldn't let this machine or Zim know that. His pride wouldn't allow that.

The computer scoffed. "Okay." it said sarcastically.

Rolling his eyes, Dib sat back on down on the cot. "How long have I been here for?" he asked.

"About two months now." The computer replied.

Dibs eyes widened. "Two months?! How long does it take to reach the freaking Massive!?"

"We aren't going the Massive." Computer stated bluntly.

"What!?" Dib shrieked.

"Irk, would you stop your insane howling..." the computer mumbled. "Master is currently awaiting approval to use the teleporters to aboard the Massive."

All Dib could manage was an 'Oh.'

Silence filled the air once more as the human twiddled with his thumbs. Thoughts of Zim flooded his mind, making him feel guilty all over again. Maybe kidnapping Dib was Zim's way of saying he wanted to, dare he say, friends.  At the very least the Irken had wanted to end the fighting, but the human realized that all but too late. Dib quickly pulled himself away from his thoughts when there was nothing but silence in the room. He feared that if he didn't say anything now, the computer would leave so he finally broke the silence. "How long has it been since Zim came in here?"

The computer let out a loud 'hmm' before answering. "I think it's been about three weeks now. I dunno. I don't partially care either."

Dib rolled his eyes once again. "Gee thanks."


"Why hasn't he come by though?" a hint of concern in his voice. Noticing this, he quickly added, "I mean you think he'd come in here to torture me by now or something."

"I didn't know you had that sort of obsession with my master." The computer let out a dark cackle. "I always knew there was another reason you stalked him everyday."

The human felt his cheeks flush with embarrassment and his face turned into a look of pure disgust. "Oh God no!" He shook his head. "I was just wondering what's keeping Zim from being-well, Zim."

"Sure~." It let out another cackle when Dib let out a frustrated groan. "Well, I suppose I could show you what Zim is currently doing right at this moment, but-" his voice trailed off once again, waiting for the human's reaction.

Dib pondered over this a moment before replying. "Could you really do that?"

"Of course I can." it said vainly.

With that said the computer lowered down a screen, seemingly out of nowhere. The screen blinked to life causing Dib's eyes to snap shut, not used to the light that radiated from the machinery. Slowly, he opened his eyes to let them adjust, occasionally blinking away discomfort.

Eyes finally cooperating with him, Dib stared intently at scene before him:

Zim stood in front of his control panel that was located at the front of the ship, his back to Dib. Drumming his fingers on the dash, he let out a loud groan and shouted something in his native tongue . Dib couldn't see Zim's face but he noticed his antenna shrunk back against his head which Dib knew meant the other was either angry, scared or frustrated. The boy decided on the later once the green alien slammed his fist on the dash.

Just then the screen in front of the green teen beamed with life, but there was nothing but static. Letting out a growl, Zim slammed his fist on the dash again. His antenna perked up in attention as the static quickly disappeared and was replaced with a green face similar to Zim's.

The Irken on the screen, Dib noticed, had bright, bulging , green eyes and unlike Zim, had curled antenna which signified that she was female. Dib shuddered as he thought of the only other female Irken he met, Tak. Oh what a horrible experience that was... He shook away the memories and returned his focus back to Zim.

"It's so good to finally to see you again Zim! The lab hasn't been the same without you!"

Zim let out a snort in return. "It's been too long, Genn."

Genn smiled down coyly at Zim, and Dib noticed, with slightly flushed cheeks nonetheless. This caused the Dib to frown. Why is she so giddy to see him?

Zim too seemed to notice the flushed cheeks, for he let out awkward cough before speaking. "Ah yes. Anywho-" his voice trailed off as he shifted his weight to his left foot.

Genn's smile faded as her cheeks intensified in color.

"Why is it that you are calling me after all this Genn?" Zim probed.

"Oh yes!" the Irken stated. "I apologize for my rude behavior Invader Zim. It's just been so long since we last spoke, you becoming an invader and all. And I couldn't help but notice you've gotten... Taller." She said with hooded eyes. Zim nodded but said nothing. Clearing her throat, Genn continued. "You see Invader Zim, we are currently working on a new weapon installment for our PAK's. We here at the lab have received reports from all the other invaders that although they conquered their planets, it was exceptionally hard as they lacked any means to defend themselves adequately. We're having problems though, seeing as there is so much going on in our PAK's anyway, there's just no way to fit in any new weapon without increasing the size of every Irken's PAK."

Zim nodded again in understanding. Crossing his arms over his chest, Zim shifted his weight to his other foot and stayed silent. He drummed his claws on his arms, antenna's twitching every so often. Finally Zim let his arms drop and he spoke. "What are you trying to imply Genn?"

           Genn seemed to deadpan at the question. "We need your knowledge and experience Invader Zim. Without you we can't-"

"What did you just call me Genn." Zim stated, not asked.


"What title did you put before my name?"

"Uh..." Genn scratched her cheek in confusion. "Invader Zim?"

"Exactly. I'm an invader, not a scientist. You know I gave that up a long time ago Genn."

Genn's antenna wilted like a child would pout after a scolding. "Oh shut it Zim. I know very well the reasons you left and I know that you have always loved it- being a scientist I mean."

Zim let out a humored snort. "Are you sure about that? How do you know that I haven't found something better than that? That I love something else more?"

Dib's cheeks flushed at Zim's question. Could he have been talking about him?

Genn's eyes furrowed as she gave Zim a challenging glare. Dib's eyes widened at the reaction. This Irken was challenging the very being that had almost killed him two months ago, and without faltering at the very least. Dib alone felt intimidated by her intense stare, but he knew Zim would respond with more anger.

The human was shocked however, when the Irken let out a loud cackle. "That look doesn't suit you, Genn!" Zim wheezed out between laughs.

The female's eyes narrowed further and her cheeks flushed more. "Don't mock me Zim!"

Zim's laughter stopped abruptly and his posture straightened. In a dark voice, he said, "Are you ordering me, an invader, around like some service drone?"

Eyes widening and antenna trembling, Genn opened her mouth to speak, but only succeeded with a pitiful 'ah'.

There was a long moment of silence before Zim let out another insane laugh, causing both Dib and Genn to jump.

"Wh-what?" Genn said with a small voice.

Zim tried to answer her, but failed miserably and instead waved his hand infront of his face in a shooing motion. "Y-you," he took in a deep breath before laughing even harder. "You should have seen your face!" he shrieked.

Dib felt his face flush in anger. He had never seen Zim laugh this much in the five year span of knowing the alien, let alone show this much happiness over something that didn't benefit him in some way or another.

"Oh Genn, you don't know how badly I needed a laugh." he said when he finally calmed down.

Dib mentally flinched at the words.

"I think I may have something in my database that might please you." Without waiting for a reply, the alien turned his back to the monitor and faced the camera that was pointed on him. He leaned down slightly and Dib could hear the 'clacking' of the Irken's claws typing something away. "I'm transferring the schematics of one of my newer ideas- Now."

Genn's eyes left the other Irken and began to go over whatever it was that Zim had sent. Her whole posture changed, a smirk creeping across her face. She smacked her forehead with the palm of her hand. "Of course! Why hadn't I thought of something as simple as this!?"

With his back still turned to the other, a smile snaked its way across his cheeks as Zim said simply, "Because you're not Zim."

"Yeah, I don't think there's anyone that could be as amazing as you..."

Zim just replied with a meer 'heh' as he tried to play off the compliment, but Dib saw his face flush to a dark green.

Back in the cell the human clenched the sheets as he felt something inside of him snap. I'm the only one that can make him do that you stupid bitch! Dib's eyes widened, startled. Why was he being so hostile? Especially over someone who had taken over his planet, enslaved his race, and held him prisoner; someone he, presumably, hated.  

There was a long pause on Genn's side before she finally spoke. "Zim, you know that when you left... I-"

"Genn." Zim closed his eyes and straightened himself once more, his natural color returning to his face. "I told you that I am not interested in your infatuations. And as an Irken scientist, you should know better than to show your defectiveness over an open transmission. " He sighed, shaking his head at her mistake.

Dib couldn't help but feel a bit satisfied as he watched Genn's antenna wilt and bottom lip quiver. "But Zim-"

"I don't have time for this. Goodbye Genn." Zim slammed the palm of his hand down on the dash in front of him, ending the transmission. He shook his head and plopped himself on the crescent shaped chair. Burying his face in his hands the alien let out a frustrated sigh. "Stupid defective females..." he mumbled. He brought his knees up to his chin and sighed again. "Stupider hyoomans..."

The screen before Dib became fuzzy with static before it completely shut off. Dib cringed as the computer giggled. "What's wrong? Are you jealous of that scientist?"

Dib glared in the direction of the voice but said nothing. Instead he just flopped down on the cot and turned to face the wall.

"You're so jelly."

"Shut up!" Dib yelled, throwing the blanket over himself to hide his face from his tormentor.

"Pfft... This isn't even my whole night..." He said dryly before the silence once again enveloped Dib.
Only when I stop to think about you I know,
Only when you stop to think about me,
Do you know?
I hate everything about you,
Why do I love you?
You hate everything about me,
Why do you love me?
Three Days Grace - I Hate Everything about You

Ahh.. Yes... Anywho. Go to this gurl, and subscribe because she's awesome and helped me with this shit.

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