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An hour hadn't even passed when the Tallest contacted Zim, giving him the 'okay' to board the Massive whenever he was ready. Zim quickly saluted his leaders and ended the transmission, his squeedily-spooch churning with excitement. He'd finally be able to go home.

After the invader hung up on his leaders, he hastily made his way to Dib's room. His lips tugged into a small smile as he noted the empty food tray next to the cot. His eyes wandered to the sleeping human, a sharp pang of- something, erupting throughout his body. It had been the first time in months that the prisoner had allowed himself such leisure and relaxation, and because of Zim, he'd soon be deprived of it.

Zim shook his head. No. He had warned the stink-beast that he should have eaten and slept long before he contacted the Massive. It was not his fault the human ignored his advice. He'd pay the price for his own mistakes.

Sighing heavily, Zim walked up to the cage's door and unlocked it. He strode over to the sleeping form and roughly shoved the boy's shoulder with the tip of his boot. "Wake up Dib-slave. We don't have time for your pitiful primitive needs." he said angrily.

Dib had been startled with the sudden impact on his shoulder, but he quickly recovered once he heard his enemy's voice. The teen growled before sitting up on the edge of the cot, looking up at the scowling alien. "What do you want Zim?" He asked in the same angry voice Zim had displayed.

"We are leaving, and we are leaving now. So," Zim said, grabbing the human by the collar and yanking him to his feet. "Get up."

Dib smacked Zim's hands away from his chest, giving the alien a hard glare. "I'm not going anywhere with you, Zim."

Zim growled once again and matched Dib's glare with one of his own. "It wasn't a question, hyooman. We're leaving, now."

"And what if I don't wanna move huh? What're you gonna do? Carry me like a baby all the way to the teleporters that are on the other side of the station? I'll just fight back. You can't make me do anything." Dib said with a scowl.

The Irken's glare intensified, but was soon replaced by a dark smirk. "Oh no. I wouldn't dare risking my own safety handling you when-" He reached behind him as the pod on his back opened, dropping something silver into his  hands. "I can just use this." He said holding up something that resembled a collar and within a flash, he lunged his hands forward and snapped the collar around the human's neck. Dib yelped in surprise as the cold metal wrapped itself around his flesh. He stumbled backwards onto his cot, clawing at the collar in a desperate attempt to pry it off.

Crossing his arms over his chest, Zim stared down at the struggling human with a look of pure amusement. "It's no use Dib-flail. At this very moment the collar is fusing with your insuperior flesh. This way, if you, for example, try to run away I'll use this," He said holding up a small remote control with a knob in the middle. "To send around fifteen thousand volts of electricity throughout your pathetic body."

Dib stopped clawing at his throat and looked at the smirking invader with horror. "Z-Zim! That could kill me!" He nearly shrieked.

Zim's lips twitched into a wicked grin. "Oh no Dib-Dumb. I could actually send a million volts through your body without actually causing you any real harm." Zim shook his head. "Really hyooman, I thought you were one of the more intelligent pig smellies. No, fifteen thousand volts will only cause you extreme discomfort.It's the amperage that'll kill you and I made sure that it was far from lethal."

Dib slowly lowered his hands from his neck and placed them in his lap, head hanging low in defeat.

Zim looked at the defeated form, the mysterious pain returning to his spooch. He ignored it and turned his back to the human. "Come Dib-slave. We must leave now."

Dib said nothing to defend his name against the degrading insult and silently followed after the Irken, making sure he was close enough as to not get shocked, but lingered back a bit to show his disapproval of the situation. His feet dragged behind him as he sulked. "Would have been better dead..." He mumbled in a hushed tone.

Zim ignored the comment for the both of them. Why start another pointless argument about the upcoming inevitable? They had come this far, why turn back now?

The green alien sighed, which he seemed to be doing a lot of lately, and he blamed the child behind him for that. Just another accusation that would someday fall on deaf ears along with empty threats, eventually leading to one of the two feeling hurt and broken. Shaking his head of the thoughts, Zim held his head up in and puffed out his chest. From now on he would remain his dignity and maintain his prideful postures. His step regained his authoritative march as he approached the teleporters.

"Computer, inform the Tallest that our preparations are complete and we are currently awaiting an open teleportation link."

The computer dinged with a sigh.

Zim tapped his foot in agitation. He looked up at the purple hue of the teleports that would soon turn red as the link was open.

A few minutes passed, yet there was nothing.

Zim growled in frustration and hissed up at the computer. "Hurry up!"

"Oh I'm sorry; the suspense must be unbearable." said machinery cooed sarcastically.

Dib stifled a laugh as Zim's antenna perked forward in anger. Said alien growled and kicked the side of the teleporter that was directly in front of him, and as if on cue, the teleporter began to glow red.

Zim's lips twisted into a sadistic grin. He'd soon aboard the Massive and maybe, just maybe... He'd get to go home. He spun around on the ball of his left foot and stared at the human, pleasure obviously present on his smirking face. "Get in." He said holding out his arm, gesturing towards the teleporter.

Dib scowled at the alien, his anger telling him to tell Zim off and walk away, his logic telling him to just quietly comply and hope for the best, and his fear telling him to run and hide.

He decided to listen to logic and he quietly walked towards the elevator, pushing past Zim as he did so.

The invader 'tsked', at the rude shove and followed Dib to the machinery. "Smeet..."


"My Tallest, Invader Zim is currently awaiting an open teleportation line." said one of the technicians of the ship.

Purple puffed out his cheeks in a pout and looked at his lover. The other Tallest gave him a bored look before whispering, "Let's get this over with...". Red heaved out a heavy sigh and floated over towards the middle of the control deck with Purple close behind him. "Open the teleportation link and direct it to the Control Brains." Red placed one of his fingers on his lip in thought before adding, "And lower the elevator there as well."

"Yes my Tallest." The technician replied before pressing a large blue button in front of him, waiting for the Irken insignia to blink to signify the link was activated before pressing a smaller, blue button that lowered the platform the Tallest were standing upon.

Red looked over at Purple, frustration clearly evident on his face as the platform descended into the lowest part of the Massive. Purple returned the frustrated look with another pout. Neither Irken said anything as the light above them suddenly dimmed into a reddish hue and cables increased in abundance on the walls around them. Purple glanced downward, antenna wilting a bit at the sight of the giant red blob whose cables shot out in every direction, the screen attached to the front blurred with static. No matter how tall he was, the purple eyed Irken always felt intimidated by the Control Brains, even if it was only this one who was separated from the other two who resided on Irk.

Tearing his mind away from his discomfort, Purple straightened his posture as the platform hovered above the Brain. A belt of stairs on next to each Tallest emerged from the metal they were standing on and latched on to two platforms on either side of the Control Brain. Without a word, Red and Purple descended down the stairs and stood in their designated spots and the platform ascended back up to the main levels.. Suddenly, a low, deep hum erupted from the Brain, the static disappearing from the screen and was replaced with the mighty Irken insignia.

With another sigh, Red glanced towards the direction of the humming before looking at Purple. "This is going to be interesting..."


Zim couldn't help but grin as a blinding light enveloped both him and the human. Soon... Soon he'd be able to return to Irk and rid himself of the shame and humiliation of his exile so many years ago.

The light quickly dispersed and was replaced by a red glow. Zim's grin widened as he noted his Tallest standing on either side of him and the Dib. "Greetings my Tallest. I hope the Armada is treating you well."

"Hmm, as long as the delivery of Earthy delicacies continue, we are content." Purple declared, eyeing the invader to see if he had brought any food with him. To his disgust and horror, standing next to Zim was one of the mudball's native creatures.

"Ugh Zim! What is that thing doing here?!" He nearly shrieked and he inched backwards as if it would somehow reduce the distance between him and Dib.

Zim glanced back at the human before he spoke. "Ahhmm..." he looked back at Purple. "He's your gift my Tallest. The child with the gargantuan head that you wanted to uhmm..." he flinched as he spoke out the next words, anticipating the human's shrieking at his notification. "To dissect." Much to his surprise, none came.

Red looked at his partner and shook his head. How can one of the most feared beings in all the universe act like such a smeet? The irken leader looked back at the lesser life form. "Why in the seven Zellmie galaxies did you bring it up here? Never mind, we don't have time for this, just drop it off at the labs when you leave."

Zim's eyes slowly widened and his antenna perked forward at Red's words. They weren't denying him his rights? He slowly nodded his head and let out a breath he hadn't realized he had been holding. "Thank you My Tallest." he said shakily.

He stole another glance back at the Dib and his antenna instantly wilted and that sharp pang returned to his squeedly-spooch. The human's eyes searched his own frantically, as if he were desperately trying to tell the Irken something, almost begging. Zim recognized that look for he had felt it so many times before.

Scared. Hurt. Confused.

All those emotions combined together and twisted the human's face into one of pure shock. Zim quickly averted his gaze away from the human, but he didn't look back at his Tallest either. He stared at nothing as he regained his voice and spoke once again.

"If I may, my Tallest. I have a suggestion." Without waiting for any sort of objection, he continued. "These, hyoomans, are very frail and weak on the inside. They are not like us mighty Irken who can bleed out for hours without dying. They do not have PAKs that keep them alive. If you were to use this one as a scientific experiment, he would quickly die and you would no longer have him to amuse you. So my Tallest," He cleared his throat and stared into Red's glaring gaze. "I suggest you use him as a drone."

Purple opened his mouth to dismiss the ridiculous idea, but was cut off as the room pulsed red and the humming ultimately stopped and was replaced by The Control Brain's metallic voice reverberating against the walls, sending vibrations that thundered through the four bodies in the room. "Silence!" The four simultaneously flinched together at the booming voice. "There was a specific reason I was awoken from my slumber and for your sakes I hope  it isn't your ludacris drabbles about experimental drones."

The three Irken's antenna wilted as a child would pout after a scolding, though none of them would admit this aloud. Clearing his throat, Red looked down at the accomplished invader and let out a sigh. "Well, Zim. Let's get this over with." he said, waving his arm towards the Brain dismissively.

With newfound confidence, Zim eagerly took a step forward towards the Brain. "Yes my Tallest." He nodded his head in excitement. "Every successful invader is allowed to choose his secondary career option, yes?"

Red pinched the space between his eyes in frustration. "Yes, Zim. You do." He let his arm drop uselessly to his side and turned his body to face the Control Brain. "If you would please, assign this, Irken, to his new life?

The sound of metal scraping against metal filled the intensity of the air as a large cable coiled from above and snaked it's way behind the giddy Irken, activating his PAK to allow access into Zim's very being.

Zim winced at the electrical current that swept through his nerves as the cable intruded his lifesource, eyes barely furrowed as he was lifted up in the air and brought forward to better engage the pulsating brain.

Access code 852147893: Granted.

Current analysis shows Invader Zim: Irken identification number 38771547896.

Time span for conquest: Five years, six months, one week , four days, eight hours, forty-three seconds.

Automatic bioscan initiated.

Checking for abnormalities~

One abnormality has been discovered.  

Running advanced scan to detect cause of abnormality.

One solution found:

Number 38771547896 is currently one centimeter taller than Tallest Red.

Checking for suitability leadership~


Number 38771547896 has exceeded the maximum limit of legal emotions. Number 38771547896 is too flawed for leadership.

Alternative choice initiated:

Searching PAK for Number 38771547896's desirable career field~

One career detected; Irken Scientist.

Checking compatibility with Number 38771547896's PAK and desired field~

Access granted.


Zim's eyes lit up in pure joy as he read the screen that protruded from the pulsating flesh.

"Congratulations Irken Invader Zim." The metallic voice bellowed. "Tomorrow you will start your first day as an Irken scientist after your request of being an Invader."

Zim didn't fight the grin that overwhelmed his face as the cable disconnected from his PAK, allowing him to fall gracefully to the metal platform. Bringing his left hand up in salute, Zim spoke. "Thank you Control Brain," He turned to Red, "Tallest Red," then to Purple. "Tallest Purple." He bowed his head and grabbed Dib by the hand. "Come drone, we have much to do."
GOD. It took FOREVER to get motivated to write this. School SUCKS. I have NO freaking privacy to write ANY new chapters. It's like "DUDE! GET OUTTA MAH FACE! QUIT CHEKCIN' OUT MY LUMPS!" but they never go away...

Anywho... Go to this page :iconkatalyiana:
and show her love because without her, there would be no chapter 6 ^^;

Chapter 5 - [link]

Chapter 6 - You're here

Chapter 7 -[link]
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