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Words: They make up an entire being and at the same time they can destroy you. They bring two persons together before they mercilessly drive a wedge into what was once a perfect life. Words can shine only as bright as the one who is speaking, or it can leave a bitter taste on your tongue as you spew out a venomous poison that can destroy a person's spirit; Ripping and tearing away at your insides until there is nothing left except for a newfound hatred towards he who spoke so carelessly. Words hurt people. Break people. Kill people. If it weren't for words, I wouldn't be here, hands and knees pressed firmly to the cold ground beneath me as the two most powerful beings in the universe use me as a stand. If it weren't for words, I wouldn't have this unbearable weight crushing in my chest as it slowly drives me insane. If words can hurt this much, I don't want to speak. I don't want to hear..  

If words hurt this much... Maybe... I should just forget how to talk.

"Zim~!" A antenna splitting voice boomed throughout the small workroom just beyond the main lab used by Irken scientists on the Massive. Black stalks flattened against a green scalp as it's master prepared himself for impending doom that was soon to follow the squealing female's voice. The Irken knew that facing the female would be inevitable, no matter how hard he tried to cover up his presence. He mentally cursed for having not putting more effort into is caution.

Zim took in a small breath before turning around towards the clanking sound of boots as they ran across the metal floor. "Genn~" he said with false emotion as said Irken threw her arms around the other's slender frame. "H-how did you know I was down here?" He questioned as he wriggled away from her grasp.

Giving off a small chuckle, Genn released the ex-Invader and blew him a raspberry. "Psh- Everyone on the Massive knows that you're here! The Control Brain's broadcasted your Reassignment!" She said excitedly. She looked up at Zim, antenna twitching ever so often. "When did you grow so tall...?" She nearly whispered.

Zim rolled his eyes as he turned his back to the glowing scientist before him. "Yes, yes... Zim is so amazing that his amazingness had to be broadcast." He shrugged his shoulders at her question. "Earth is a very strange planet with very strange chemicals. Zim simply combined those chemicals with those from Irk and I grew." To avoid further questioning, Zim began to walk towards a large computer screen towards the back of the room.

Genn followed behind him curiously. "You don't need to be down here until tomorrow." She said cautiously. "What are you doing?" Genn leaned towards the left to look around Zim's body.

Letting out a frustrated growl as he tried to access the computer, Zim kicked the wall. "I know that!" He tried to access it again. "My PAK is malfunctioning and I need to access Tallest Myuki's PAK files in order to fix it." The room was suddenly illuminated red as the Irken insignia blinked erratically on the screen.

"Irk be damned!" Zim shrieked as he slammed his fists into the console.

Genn flinched as Zim began to swear at the machinery. "Uh.. Zim-"

"What!?" He barked as he spun around on his heel to face the shocked Irken.

Green eyes widened briefly before they narrowed into dangerous slits. "I was going to tell you that I have access to every single file on the Massive."

Zim blinked his eyes as realization dawned on him. Slowly, lips twisted into a jagged smile as the taller stared down at the annoyed female, stepping off to the side to offer the computer to Genn. "Then bring them up." He said cooly.

Genn's cheeks flushed a bit before stepping up to the machinery. "Idiot." She mumbled as she began to type ferociously.

Zim tapped his foot impatiently as he waited for the clacking of the key's to cease and for Genn to turn around announcing that she was done. Ten minutes went by and Zim's impatience began to take it's toll making the Irken pace around the room. A glittering object caught fuschia eyes, pulling in their master in to take a better look.

Zim picked up a vial of red liquid, turning it this way and that as he inspected the foreign substance. A small, rectangular device protruded from the ex-Invader' PAK. Zim grabbed it with his free hand and held it above the vial, a green light beaming outwards as it began to scan the chemical properties. Reading over the data, the Irken let out a soft 'hmmm' before placing the liquid back onto the table that it previously resided on.

As he reached behind his back to replace the scanner his left arm bumped the side of the table causing the vial to roll forwards and towards the ledge. Zim's eyes widened and his hand shot out in an attempt to grasp onto the thing before it collided with the floor, and as if some magical force seemed to manipulate his being, Zim's hand completely missed the vial and slammed into the sharp edge of the table. The Irken hissed in pain the moment before a loud crack was heard. Antenna wilted back as he stared down at the broken glass on the floor. "Oops." He mumbled softly as his eyes scanned over the mess he'd made.

The black stalks pressed themselves harder against his head as the clacking of keys stopped and Genn asked in an irritated voice, "What did you do?"

Zim straightened himself and smiled innocently as he answered, "Nothing~"

Letting out a sigh, Genn turned around and peered at the smiling Irken before her. She noted the broken glass and shook her head. "Did you break it?"

Zim bowed his head as if he were actually ashamed. "Yes..."

Genn turned around and entered a few more words before the flashing light ceased. "There." She turned around and gestured towards the computer. "I brought up Tallest Myuki's memory database." She shook her head again. "Get over here before you break anything else..." She said in a tired voice.

The taller grinned as the female didn't enforce any punishment for his carelessness. Once he got up to the database, coils extended from his PAK and plugged themselves into the computer. Zim winced as an electrical shock erupted throughout his body. Ignoring the pain, Zim smirked as he stared into the screen. "Tell Zim your secret's, Tallest Myuki."

Processing memory database: Subject - Former Tallest Myuki.

Logging into PAK memory core: . . .

Information regarding 'emotions' has been granted.

File downloading activated~


Day seven thousand, five hundred, forty eight of leadership of the Irken Empire. Yesterday the construction of the Massive was completed. This may be the single most greatest accomplishment I could have ever achieved as Tallest. With this destructive tool of war, the Irken Empire can easily set off for galactic conquest with little to no resistance. Even the Control Brains will have to admit that I have surpassed them in power. There is nothing that I, Tallest Myuki, cannot do.
.                                                     .                            .

Day eleven thousand, nine hundred, seventy six of leadership of the Irken Empire. The Control Brains have not only denied my rights in power, but my emotions as well. Irk be damned if I allow such disgrace to befall my people, my empire.

They have ordered that all emotions to be suppressed within our PAK's, so that we may only feel what is necessary to destroy and conquer. All other emotions are to be terminated. The Control Brains feel that we are years behind what could have been achieved due to petty feelings. As Tallest, I will not allow this to happen. I can only pray to Irk that in the future I can somehow convince the Brains to reconsider their choices.

.                                                     .                            .

Day eleven thousand, nine hundred, eighty four of leadership of the Irken Empire. I have desperately tried to convince the Brains to reconsider the termination of all emotions they deem worthless. They have denied me, therefore I must do something distract.

I must break Irken Law.

Somehow, I must hide from their all seeing eyes and re-encode PAK's that will be manufactured in the future. I cannot save the emotions of those in the present, but I can save those in the future. I will secretly hide a small switch underneath the bottom left PAK limb. If pressed, the switch will send out a harmless virus to the PAK that cancels the effects of the Control Brain's anti-emotion code. Unfortunately, I cannot publicly announce the existence of this switch.

I will also encode a second harmless virus that will automatically send different amounts of emotions to the Irken people. The taller they get, the more they feel. The Brains will just suspect that the increase in emotions will have to do with their superior genetics that allow their taller height, and leave it be.


PAK cables disconnected from the computer, sending another wave of electricity through the slender frame of their master. Zim fell to the floor as pain enveloped his entire body. "Gah!" He gripped his head tightly, eyes squeezing shut as he desperately tried to maintain his composure. His vision began to blur as his mind tried to process the information that it just recieved. Shaking his head, the Irken rose up on shaky legs and glared forward at the black screen before him. This, was far worse than anything he had suspected.

"Irk you Control Brains..."
Lol, so I didn't go to school today because I woke up late. :iconlaughingplz:
Happy Becca is happy. :iconbiggrinplz:

Well, it seems that I'm finally starting to find joy in writing again! :iconkermityayplz:

Thank you all for your wonderful support and please enjoy :iconhappytearsplz:

Chapter Seven Part 2 - [link]

Chapter Eight Part 1- You're here :)

Chapter Eight Part 2 - [link]
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YEEEEYYAAAA!! xD I'm so happey that you're into writing again! ^-^ This chapter is so awesome! :D:D Damn you Control Brains!! :iconzimseesplz:
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I'm glad too! I was like dead for weeks, :icononihauntyou: so I'm super duper happy that I can find the time to write again :iconbiggrinplz:
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I know what you mean ._. I wanted to draw, but I didn't feel like it at all .. So yup..
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