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November 6, 2012
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WARNING! This chapter gets kinda 'touchy touchy' if you know what I mean. :meow:

Zim had come back down to the holding cells the next day to satisfy his curiosity over the boy’s health. Much to dismay, the human had not improved from his dazed-like state. Upon entering the room the alien let out a slight sigh as his ruby orbs scanned over every inch of Dib’s frail body before he slowly made his way up to the small cage. Leaning his back against the cool bars, Zim stared forward at the grey, metalic wall, reluctant to see the damage he had caused.

The silence in the near empty room seemed almost deafening; the only sound seemed to come from the Irken’s heart as it drummed heavily into his antenna. Minutes passed before the Irken could no longer take the overwhelming silence. “Why is the Dib acting like this?” he asked, a hint of unease slipping past his dry lips. Inwardly the green male hoped for some kind- any kind of response from the other, but as he was met with the infuriatingly obvious silence, all he could do was shake his head in disappointment. “I will be back later.” He pried his body away from his support and strode over to the teleporters. Taking a quick glance at the human he added, “Do not make me waste my time.” With that, he stepped inside of the machinery, the bright light enveloping him before it quickly disappeared, leaving the sad human alone in the depressing silence.


Three days had passed before the Irken held true to his word. Dib looked up slightly as the soft humming of the teleporter filled the room. His eyes squinted as white filled the room prison  making his vision blur from lack of any sort of light. The human struggled to maintain his gaze as he desperately tried to keep his focus on the machine before him. After a few moments, his eyes managed to adjust and were met with a very tired looking Zim holding what appeared to be a tray of-

“I’ve brought you something similar to the disgusting sustenance earthlings call food.” Zim said emotionlessly.

Dib quirked his brow slightly at the offer. The food Zim had brought: A giant blob of pink- goo and something like looked similar to a soda can. The Irken walked up to the cage and entered the activation code. Kneeling in front of the human, the alien pushed to tray to the boy. “Eat.”

Dib simply shook his head and turned his head towards the left. He didn't want to look into that piercing gaze.

The Irken slammed his fists down into to cold ground and began to tremble. “Damn it all to Irk Dib...”

On the eighth day, Zim brought a second tray of food. Dib’s insides burned as his stomach acids began to churn about inside of him. Once Zim had opened to door and knelt down to place the tray before him, the human gratefully took the pink blob and scarfed it down without hesitation. The taste, he noted, almost mimicked strawberries which he found simply wonderful.

Zim stared at the boy as he quickly devoured his meal. The Irken watched with hidden joy- The human was finally eating.

The green male stood up from his previous position and placed his hands behind his back, his gaze fixed on the far corner of the room as he began to talk. “It’s not so bad- being on the Massive I mean. I thought the Tallest would have come up with some idiotic excuse to deny me any sort of access to the labs the scientists use here. I’ve developed new weapons for future Elites and Invaders.” A smirk tugged at his lips. “I’ve missed it....” He shook his head and let out a sigh. “I’ve figured something out about my race- and you were right Dib.”

Said human looked up at the alien in confusion. Right about what?

“I can harness my emotions like you said. I always thought I was inferior to the others- having stupid things like feelings, but I’m not.” Just then, a soft beeping came from the pod on his back, alerting him that something wrong had happened in the lab. Sighing the green male looked down at the silent boy. “It pleases Zim to see you’re better.”

The human watched as the other silently walked away, droiziness finally settling in from days he had neglected sleep. Laying down on the cold floor, Dib’s eyes fluttered shut as he allowed sleep to completely consume him.

Dib woke with a start as a sharp pain shot up his arm. Not this again... he thought bitterly. Quickly he tried to stand on his feet, but only managed to stumble forward. He inwardly cursed himself for being so weak. Struggling, he finally managed to gain solid ground and stared at the Irken guard before him. Much to his relief, it wasn’t the same guard that had felt him up a week ago. Without speaking, the guard punched in the activation code and grabbed the boy by the arm. The human allowed the Irken to lead him towards the advanced elevator that lead to the Tallest’s lounge.

Dib’s stomach lurched as he nearly stumbled out of the teleporter. Once he gathered his wits, he looked up to a bored Purple and Red. “Fiiiiiiiiinally~” Red cooed as he waved away the guard. The Irken crossed his hand over his chest and gave a slight bow before he exited the room, leaving the Tallest alone with the human. (aside from the navigators and communicators.)

Red strode over to the confused boy, scanning him up and down with greedy eyes. “Say Pur...”

Purple came up next to him with a tired expression. “Yes Red?”

“We never got a chance to inspect our toy have we?” He said, his serpentine tongue flicking out across his lips.

Purple’s antenna wilted slightly at the hint. “No-” he said slowly. “We haven’t.”

Nodding his head, the red eyed Irken tilted the human’s head up with a lithe finger. “Ya know, he’s not that ugly. I mean, he’s not as attractive as me, but he’s not hideous...” Smooth hands glided up the boy’s chest, pulling the limp shirt up in the process. Red gave out a curious purr as he started at the small nubs that protruded from the human’s body. Slowly, he grasped the right one between two fingers and pulled on it slightly.

Dib let out a loud gasp as the Irken suddenly roamed his chest, the cool air hitting his skin that caused his nipples to harden slightly. Trembling with fear, the boy could only watch in horror as the taller male roughly pulled on his sensitive nub.

“Red?” Purple asked astonished. “What are you doing?”

Ignoring his co-Tallest, Red continued his assault on Dib’s nipples, tugging and pulling- Each gasp the boy emitted making his antenna twitch in response. Growing bored with the nubs, his hands began to travel downwards until it grazed the him of his pants. “I wonder if you hyooman’s are similar to us, down there.” he purred out softly.

The boy shook his head erratically, his mouth moving in a desperate attempt to scream stop, but only succeeded in uttering out a pathetic ‘ah’.

The Tallest chuckled evilly  as he thrust his hand down the smaller’s pants, grabbing ahold of his limp member.

Purple’s mouth opened slightly as he watched in silent horror- his lover had just groped this human as if
he weren’t even there!

Red leaned forward to the horrified human, licking the cold flesh above the collarbone. Letting out a low groan from the pleasant taste, the Irken ungracefully bit down on the flesh, causing the wound to bleed out. Black stalks shot up straight as the copper-tasting liquid filled his mouth, setting off a response below he hadn’t expected.

The human boy looked at the purple eyed Irken in terror. He tried to scream at the shocked Tallest for help, but only managed to bring out a pitiful groan. The more the hand below moved, the harder he trembled. He squeezed his eyes shut in hopes to block out the onslaught, but it only made him more aware.

None in the room hardly noticed the doors swoosh open to reveal a tired Zim as he stared down at his feet, hand crossed over his chest in an brief bow. “My Tallest, I apologize for the interruption but the labs-” The Irken looked up and stared in shock as Red was fondling with the Dib.

Said human opened his eyes partially and stared at the door before him. He gasped as his hazel eyes locked on to ruby orbs. No- Don’t look.
Hello! It's been forever since I've updated this thing! I really wanted to have this beta'd, but I'm not gonna be here for like one - three days (hopefully just one) and this has been sitting on my computer for like two weeks. So, in apology for the slow updates and I'm sorry to my beta for uploading this without waiting for you. ^^;
I'll update it later with the better version sometime. (Hopefully)

Chapter 8 - Part 2 - [link]

Chapter 8 - Part 3 - You're here!

Chapter 9 - [link]
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